Welcome to survius. I would first like to apologize for the state of both the game and its wiki and website information. This game was create by elmar wenners and its a work in progress. Very slow progress. Ive been playing this game for a couple years now. on and off for about 3 and a half, and there are always new players asking for help. It is the job of the creator/publisher to keep people playing but almost all never return. I would like to help keep some of those players.

 Here are the main goals of the game

- Survive the most days. This count is on your menue and there is a high score on the website. This is done by surviving days and nights in the game.

- Build your base either solo or with a clan. You will want a tactical location,far away from enemies, zombies, and out of the open. this base will store your spawn point, storage containers, and a safe spot to log off.

- Mantain clan dominance by joining together. Solo players have a more difficult time when it comes to pvp and finding special loot but it can be done and a couple friendly or helpful players is always good.

New World / Server.Edit

Each server has its own save slot for your account so it is best to choose the one closest to your region, A new update impliments a ping system. This essentially means how long it takes for your devices internet connection to reach the server and its players. The further away you go (I.E. You live in us but play on uk) your ping will go up. There is a limit on how high your ping will be before you are kicked or even allowed to join a server. a Decent playable ping is less than 100. Players with higher ping are generally from other regiions,

Starting with nothingEdit

When you beging a new game your inventory will be empty. It used to be you got an axe and a flashlight but now these two items are to found in game, The first thing you can do is find out where you are. Zombies will spawn on you every so often but they are usually avoidable untill you arm yourself. The easiest way to find your location is find a road and then find a sign or a town. Eventually you will learn the map. You will need to stock up on what you can scavange and you will need certain items to begin any preperations for the base.

- Axe. Cuts trees into logs and remove portions of buildings.

- Toolbox. Needed to build and craft.

- Machete. For harvesting cloth and meat.

- Pistol and ammo. Needed for defending yourself. (Melee is ineffective)

- Food and Drink. To keep from dying.

- Scrap. 1 for door. 9? For safe.

- Cloth. For bed/ Spawn point.

--The best place i found for the axe and tool box is a hangar across the closed bridge straight through the field behind the army base. You can find them on other garages like craftfield as well but i usually always find one in the hangar.

--Pistol and ammo can be found everywhere but if youre looking to stock up i try the police depot in clemmenster, the army base across the bridge, and the hunters cabin.

--Machetes can be found in hunter towers .

--Scrap is dropped by zombies on occasion and large ammounts can be found in the air drop that occurs once a day in game. Sometimes scrap can be found in a hunter tower or traded between players.

Once you have these items you are ready to begin the next phase.

Building your first baseEdit

Building your base may take a while to get started and a litlle while longer to make it home. It is faster than it used to be but finding the axe and toolbox without dying takes a try or two. with that being said the modular base building system of the game is not bad and when used properly can be beatiful and natural with the enviorment of the game.

You can build it however small or massive you would like. but in my opinion small is better. The bigger you build your base the longer it takes you away from the game, The bigger the base the more data on the server, easier you are to spot and be followed, the more resources you will need to mantain it, and usually people are trying to achieve this by duplicating items which is shunned upon by true gaming communities like this. Cheating will get you automatically banned from the game so be smart and be careful.

Find a location that suites you. you want to be near some sort of node cluster that offers a vierity of items, like a town or the woods by a hunter tower. Find something near water, food, Ammo, Healing items. Find something with a view. I will show you my view soon. Lastly find somewhere that you can defend yourself from easily. I choose mountaisides and have all routes but one blocked off with obstacles and bear traps that i check when i can. I also have access to my roof and can shoot from there. This game is pvp heavy at certain times. I solo so im at higher risk and the main goal is survival. Location is key.

Once you have your comfy cozy plot of land picked out then its time to build. You start with the base floor. It cost 8? Planks to build. Place it gently and neatly and precisely the first time. That is the base of your new home. You may starting building onto it with another base or get ready to put walls up on the tiny cabin. To put walls up you must up grade your base. Aim at the floor while having 5 planks in your bags and select upgrade base. Do this once more for a roof or put some walls up on the new posts that appeared. Walls will fit between any of the posts and there are even windows to let in some light or let out some bullets. The door cost 1 scrap and 4 planks. Place it so the door opens up inward unless you see it fit otherwise. A few hits with the Axe will take out a crafted item such as walls, boxes, and beds. It takes players a signifagent amount of time longer to damage your building if they are able to.

             The base, Walls, Stairs, Crates,and most other crafted items need interaction or repair to stay in the game. When looking at the wall a Repair bubble will appear. The item will change in color when it is beggining to "Rot". It usually cost 1 plank for each wall.

Days survived Edit

The goal is to survive the most days and be on the survius website as #1 on the high score list. Ive placed second a long time ago but some people got way up there so its cool and somewhat respectable that there are players dedicated to game like this in its early stages.

As long as you keep your Status healthy and dont step on your own bear trap you have a good chance of being on the highscores.

Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Advice from the playerEdit

- Its worth a little donation and you get a cool selection of shirts with your donation. Its what tells the creaters and or publishers that they should get up and do a little more because some people( Ive seen more than 40 players across the 7 servers ) that want to play this game.

- If your playing solo and no one is communicating through chat then dont trust any players when you encouter them in the game. Shoot and if you do make sure to get them. I always warn people and every time they say they are friendly they shoot me in the back. For the three years ive played this has happened almost every time. Join a clan if you want to network allies and enemies.