Crouching is the act of lowering ones center of mass towards the ground in order to reduce the overall exposure or to maintain or increase covert maneuvers.

Primary Uses & Attributes of Crouching:

  • Reduces movement speed by 50-70%, while adding the benefit of making your footfalls silent
  • Increases Your spatial awareness with reduced blur/bloom effects, head bobbing motion, and the added benefit of an increased ability to hear threats incoming.
  • Increases your sphere of influence (or, otherwise known as reducing the AGGRO Range & Modifiers) towards the Zombies (A.K.A. The Infected UnDead, Walkers, Z's, Zeds, Rotters, The Walking Dead) in the general area.
    • This effectively makes the Zombies continue their passive nature until they hear or see a Survivor (A.K.A. Live Player, Uninfected, Immunized, Genetically Immune) in Direct Line-of-Sight

**Note: Zombies can hear movement on various terrains such as gravel, grass & wood at a fair distance**

Zombie's Estimated Audible AGGRO Range (Player Running): About 30-45 Meters

Zombie's Estimated Audible AGGRO Range (Modifered by Normal Walking): About 25-35 Meters

Zombie's Estimated Audible AGGRO Range (Modifered by Crouching): About 0-5 Meters With No LoS

About 15-25 Meters With LoS